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How To Make Hinges From PVC Pipe - Part 2

The hinges are then placed over the PVC pipe structural member that will perform the task of a being the door frame, and the PVC pipe that will make up the frame of the door, as shown in Figures 5 and 6.

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PVC pipe hinge - on PVC pipes
Figure 5 - PVC pipe hinge - on PVC pipes
PVC pipe hinge - mounted
Figure 6 - PVC pipe hinge - mounted

Note: PVC pipe hinges must be installed as the PVC pipe structural frame is being put together. They cannot be installed after the frame is put together without cutting the frame.

Put two screws through the portion of the hinge that is mounted on the structural frame.

In order to prevent the door or gate from dropping through the hinge, a collar must be added above one or both of the hinge portions that are part of the door or gate, as shown in Figure 6. Put a screw through the collar and into the door or gate frame.

Note: The door or gate will open in both directions.

Note: If you have already built the structural frame you can add a PVC hinged gate or door by cutting the PVC pipe in half lengthwise, as shown in Figure 7.

The half section of the hinge should be fastened to the main structure with two screws placed on both sides of the PVC pipe and with PVC pipe adhesive. This method is not as strong as having the PVC hinge as a complete PVC pipe section.

Note: You may think that you can just use half of the PVC hinge on the door or gate and glue that piece directly to the structure. The problem with this installation is that the corner PVC pipe fittings will bind against the PVC pipe that makes up the structure, as shown in Figure 8.

PVC pipe hinge binding
Figure 8 - PVC pipe hinge binding