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45 Toy Plans

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What would make a better gift for a boy or girl then a handmade toy? In many cases these toys can be a family project, with the children, depending on their age, doing some assembly and painting. Most of these toy plans require some skills using a scroll saw or saber saw.

Always read the toy plans carefully and make sure that there is enough information provided for you to be able to complete the project - before you invest in materials. Some of the plans are excellent, giving a great deal of instruction in text, pictures and drawings while other plans are only drawings and still others are only sketches.

As well, some of these toy plans require a woodworking shop that is outfitted with a good selection of stationary power tools such as a table saw, jointer and thickness planer.

These toy plans are for the novice to expert woodworker.

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count and stack toy plans

Count and stack toy plans.

elephant toy plans

Elephant toy plans.

old car toy plans

Old car toy plans.

shaped box toy plans

Shaped box toy plans.

hobby horse toy plans

Hobby horse toy plans.

toy top

Toy plans - top.

stacking ring tower toy plans

Stacking ring tower toy plans.

winnie the pooh toy plans

Winnie the Pooh toy plans.

wooden bus toy plans

Wooden bus toy plans.

shaped hexagon learning box - toy plans

Shaped hexagon learning box - toy plans.

child's chalkboard toy plans

Child's chalkboard - toy plans.

bug barn toy plans

Bug barn toy plans.

geometrical shapes board - toy plans

Geometrical shapes board - toy plans.

rubber band gun - toy plans

Rubber band gun - toy plans.

racing car toy plans

Racing car toy plans.

staker geometrical shape learning toy plans

Staker geometrical shape learning toy plans.

climbing bear toy plans

Climbing bear Climbing bear toy plans.

flexible pull dog toy plans

Flexible pull dog toy plans.

pecking chickens toy plans

Pecking chickens - toy plans.

interlocking logs - toy plans

Interlocking logs - toy plans.

snowman toy plans

Snowman toy plans.

jacob's ladder toy plans

Jacob's ladder toy plans.

Viking horse toy plans

Viking horse toy plans.

marble racer toy plans

Marble racer toy plans.

yo-yo toy plans

Yo-Yo - toy plans.

portable puppet theater - toy plans

Portable puppet theater - toy plans.

harkunok rattle and puzzle toy plans

Sharkunok rattle and puzzle toy plans.

tic tac toe game - toy plans

Tic tac toe game - toy plans.

duck pull - toy plans

Duck pull - toy plans.

whistles - toy plans

Whistles - toy plans.

hedgehog pen and pencil holder - toy plans

Hedgehog pen and pencil holder - toy plans.

steam train whistle - toy plans

Steam train whistle - toy plans.

children's stilts - toy plans

Children's stilts - toy plans.

spypod - toy plans

SpyPod - toy plans - A decoder ring, rubber band gun, and other secret tools in one compact project that would make James Bond proud.

children's kitchen table and chairs - toy plans

Children's kitchen table and chairs - toy plans.

stove - toy plans

Stove - toy plans.

toy guitar - toy plans

Toy guitar - toy plans.

sjoelbak Dutch shuffleboard - toy plans

Dutch shuffleboard - sjoelbak - toy plans.

dog pull toy plans

Dog pull toy plans.

play stand - toy plans

Play stand - toy plans.

dancing duck - toy plans

Dancing duck - toy plans.

gumball machine - toy plans

Gumball machine - toy plans.

construction vehicles - toy plans

Construction vehicles - toy plans.

block puzzle - toy plans

Block puzzle - toy plans.

wiffle ball - toy plans

Wiffle ball - toy plans.

woodworking plans