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10 Greenhouse Plans

1 Propagating Bench Plan

1 PVC Pipe Hinges Plan

1 Cold Frame Plan

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Note: The greenhouse plans that show plastic coverings require at least 2 people and it is better if there are 4 in order to lay the plastic over the frame work.

Always read the greenhouse plans carefully and make sure that there is enough information provided for you to be able to complete the project - before you invest in materials. Some of the plans are excellent, giving a great deal of instruction in text, pictures and drawings while other plans are only drawings and still others are only sketches.

As well, some of the greenhouse plans require a woodworking shop that is outfitted with a good selection of stationary power tools such as a table saw, jointer and thickness planer.

These greenhouse plans require novice to expert woodworking and handyman skills, depending on the free plan chosen.

Victorian free standing greenhouse plans

Victorian greenhouse plans require a substantial amount of construction and comes in at a price tag over $12,000, but it is worth the cost. The designer has all the information required including a bill of materials.

backyard greenhouse plans

These backyard greenhouse plans are inexpensive and easy to construct.

collapsible greenhouse plans

These collapsible greenhouse plans allow you to start those plants early and keep them growing throughout the spring, summer and fall. Easily collapses for winter storage.

32' X 10' X 10' greenhouse plans

A 32' X 10' X 10' set of greenhouse plans that can be constructed in a couple of days.

plastic-covered greenhouse plans

These plastic-covered greenhouse plans give details for a for farm or commercial production of transplants and bedding plants. This greenhouse can be built to any reasonable length in multiples of 1.2 m, but the span is fixed at 7.8 m to use 12 m standard width polyethylene without splicing. Use two layers of 150ยต (6 mil) clear polyethylene (ultra violet inhibited type).

economical greenhouse plans

SThese are extremely easy and economical greenhouse plans.

6' X 9' greenhouse plans uses PVC pipe

These 6' X 9' greenhouse plans use PVC pipe and fittings for support.

PVC pipe forms a hoop for these greenhouse plans

Using PVC pipe to form a hoop these greenhouse plans are economical and simple.

wood frame greenhouse plans

These wood frame greenhouse plans are designed to be a permanent building on your property.

add-on greenhouse plans

These greenhouse plans allow you to connect to the side of your home or other building.

propagating bench plans

Propagating bench.

pvc hinges

If you are building from greenhouse plans that use PVC pipe - learn how to make hinges from PVC pipe.

cold frame

Start your plants early by using these cold frame plans.

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