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Trash Mega-Fails

If your family is anything like mine, we seem to throw out more trash, in volume, than we purchase! I can only believe that it's the garbage gremlins filling my trash cans to their limit.

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I know that I am not the only one with garbage problems. At least my problems are from gremlins, other people have their trash cans filled by their neighbors:

creating and disposing of trash


Of course, placing the garbage on the curb is my responsibility, getting it to the dump is someone else’s responsibility - maybe my garbage problem is minor compared to that of the garbage collectors.

There are basically two ways to store your trash until garbage day.

The first method is quite convenient for moving the trash out of your home, just open a window and toss!

backyard full of trash

The second method requires a bit more finesse as garbage cans are neatly stored in an outdoor trash can shed which you can make from an assortment of free plans.

trash bin shed

Dare I ask? Which method do you prefer?