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Fall Projects - To Do List

Autumn brings the weather that allows us to work on those outdoor woodworking projects that were just too much physical effort in the hot summer months. And, now that winter fast approaching it is time to consider some of the let’s get ready for winter woodworking projects.

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Have you collected an assortment of new gardening tools? Are you looking for a place to store those plant containers and the left over bags of mulch, potting soil and fertilizer? Building a shed is a relatively easy project for most handymen and it is made much easier if you have a good set of plans and instructions to follow. We have 13 Free Shed Plans.

Garage Shelving:

If building a shed is a project that is a little too ambitious or if you do not have enough free space in your backyard, you can conveniently and economically increase your available storage space by adding some additional shelves in your garage or utility room, in order to store those summer goods until spring arrives. We have 9 Free Garage Shelving Plans.

Golf Bag Storage:

Golfing is far from over, but it is never too early to consider what you will do with those expensive golf bags and clubs. You have a substantial investment in equipment and accessories and it should be protected by ensuring that your golf bags and clubs are properly stored for the winter months and easy to get to if you have a winter golf getaway or if you want them close at hand when spring arrives. We have 3 Free Golf Bag Rack Plans.

Shooting Benches:

Fall means hunting for a lot of us. It is never too early to set your sights on your favorite rifle and the best way to ensure that first shot is a kill! A shooting bench can make adjusting your rifle’s line of sight easy and provide you with the ultimate accuracy. You can build your own sturdy and rugged shooting bench with our free plans. We have 12 Free Shooting Bench Plans.

Firewood Storage:

Properly storing your firewood is critical if you want to maintain a quality fire. To dry firewood properly, it must be off the ground so that air can pass underneath it and should be sheltered from rain. Now is the time to consider building an outdoor firewood shed, rack, or enclosure to protect your home. A few hours of time now will save you a lot of pain and agony in the winter. We have 9 Free Firewood Storage Plans.