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Hunting Moose at McDonald’s

As an avid moose hunter I have spent many a day trudging along snow covered paths, with 30 pounds of clothing on - barely keeping warm, having pine branches hit me in the face, because I was looking to the right or left while walking forward; those are the memories that we cherish and hand down to our grandchildren.

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I use a shooting bench in order to align my rifle and scope and I have used the same shooting bench in the back forty field many times to get rid of a hoard of pesky varmints, but I must admit that I have never considered using a shooting table to hunt for moose! Nor have I ever considered placing bate to attract a mature buck that would be my meat supply for the next year.

What I, and I am sure most moose hunters don’t realize is that there is a perfect bait for attracting moose; a bate which will allow you to set up your sturdy shooting bench, sit on a comfy seat; so that you will never miss with the first shot again!

Moose apparently are attracted to the big golden arches of McDonalds; don’t ask me why, I personally try to avoid them.

moose on the road running towards McDonalds
Figure 1 - Moose ordering at McDonalds drive through.

For those of you that think the picture of a moose ordering at McDonalds is a one off picture and that your normal everyday moose wouldn’t be caught near a McDonalds, I am pleased to present a second picture that provides the proof that moose will take any risk to get close to the golden arches.

Figure 2 - Moose on their way to McDonalds

So I ask you, would you prefer to be out in the wilderness, up to your waste in fresh fallen snow, your fingers numb from the cold, or sitting comfortably in your motel, your shooting bench set-up by the window, the TV tuned in on the football game and wait for the moose to visit McDonalds?

Figure 3 - Sitting at shooting bench

You can even set-up your homemade reloading bench in the motel room.

Now that’s a story to tell the grandchildren!