8 Headboard Plans


A bed needs a headboard as a deorative finish and to make the bed more than just a mattress and box spring but into a piece of furniture. In some cases these headboard plans require craft skills.

Always read the headboard plans carefully and make sure that there is enough information provided for you to be able to complete the project - before you invest in materials. Some of the plans are excellent, giving a great deal of instruction in text, pictures and drawings while other plans are only drawings and still others are only sketches.

As well, some of the headboard plans, require a woodworking shop that is outfitted with a good selection of stationary power tools such as lathes, shapers, jointers and thickness planers.

These headboard plans are for the novice to intermediate woodworker.

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ornate headboard plans

An ornate headboard plan.

bookcase bed headboard plans

These headboard plans also serves as a bookcase. No instructions, just a detailed drawing.

16 bed headboard plans

This site gives ideas on 16 different headboard plans. However the instructions are very limited to non existent.

rose carved headboard plans

Good level of instructions for these rose carved headboard plans, but drawings could be better.

arch topped headboard plans

Very detailed drawings and instructions to build these arch topped headboard plans. This headboard is a true piece of furniture.

grasscloth headboard plans

Very inexpensive grasscloth headboard plans.

lattice headboard plans

Detailed drawings and instructions are available for these lattice headboard plans.

upholstered headboard plans

These upholstered headboard plans provide you with a great deal of design flexibility.


Selection of pre-made headboards.



woodworking plans